My name is Pulkit Bhardwaj and I have created this blog to help new business owners start an eCommerce business or scale it quickly. 

I’m a WordPress blogger, Shopify expert and eCommerce enthusiast. Being blogging for more than 5 years, I offer valuable advice to all my readers and clients. 

Think of this site as a free blogging resource for anyone who wants to grow their eCommerce business into a fully automated revenue stream. 

A little about my expertise

I have been writing on WorPress and Shopify for years now. Along the way I helped multiple Shopify stores, solutions and blogs. I thrive to create helpful content for B2B, B2C and D2C audience for different sites. My work is featured on-

Pulkit Bhardwaj Co

What will you learn on Pulkit Bhardwaj Co

My favorite pastime is – Testing Shopify Tools, which is something you will find a lot on this site.

PulkitBhardwaj.co is a free resource where I publish honest Shopify app reviews. In addition to that I occasionally publish around WordPress (a content management system similar to Shopify). 

You will mostly find content around Shopify featuring the following –

  • List posts
  •  Reviews
  •  How-to guides 

In case you need help setup your store or business site, feel free to reach me out on pulkitbhardwaj.co