Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms for starting an online business and generating passive income. 

This is mainly due to tons of functionality apps in Shopify marketplace that takes care of everything from product sourcing to marketing. You can easily set up an automated eCommerce business that runs on autopilot.

One of the most common apps is Shopify bundler that lets you upsell smartly. Bundling products is the new trend used by professional marketers to create a sense of social currency among the audience and get higher AOV. 

In this post I will review a well-known Shopify bundles app to help you make a better choice. Let’s get started. 

What is a Shopify Bundler?

Shopify Bundler

Shopify Bundler is a popular app for creating product bundles for boosting sales and increasing average order value. You can offer customers a discount for buying products in bundles. You can create a combination of different products that avails discount on purchasing together.

The best part is, you will have more sales without sounding markety. Here are some of the top features offered by Shopify Bundler. This functionality is also used by the world’s best eCommerce store- Amazon.

  • Offer relevant products as bundles to your customers
  • Increase average order value naturally while keeping up the brand image
  • Get higher sales and profits with bundle discounts
  • Create Shopify sales funnel focused on bundling
  • Offer % based bundling discount using a quick popup at the time of checkout
  • Create a mix and match bundle for allowing customers to build their own bundle based on your requirements.
  • No coding or theme compatibility issues.

How does Shopify Bundler work? 


Shopify Bundler lets you create a fully customized bundle for selling together multiple products. You can decide on everything including bundle discount title, description, call to action (get it now, buy now) and more. This means you don’t have to pay for the upselling or cross selling apps that show the recommendations somewhere in the corner. 

What does Shopify Bundler Reviews Say?

Shopify Bundler has a total of 4.8/5 rating on Shopify app marketplace. Out of which almost 90% are 5 star and only two 1 star ratings.

Talking about the integration, I tested it for top Shopify themes including Debut, Narrative, Empire and a few more, and it worked smoothly with all of them.

What are the best Shopify Bundler alternatives?

Shopify Bundler is an amazing free app but for more sophisticated features like custom bundle image, variant level bundles, free shipping and more. 

Also, there are a lot more Shopify Bundler alternatives that I personally like for recommending products and boosting average order value. 

1. Product Recommendations Quiz

The first one of Shopify Bundler alternatives lets you create an awesome landing page banner with a quiz. The quiz will interestingly ask your visitors 3 to 5 questions and recommend the products to your customers based on that information. This not only boosts customer engagement rate but also makes the product recommendations personalized and automated. I have seen many Shopify services recommending this app.

2. PowerBuy

PowerBuy is a multi purpose product recommendation app that you can use for different marketing funnels. You can offer a discount for buying a specific number of pieces.

It also lets you create scarcity marketing bars alongside products, offer social media icons for boosting engagement and show AI based on-site product notifications.

3. BundleBear 

Bundle Bear is the perfect alternative to Shopify Bundler. You can create stunning, fully-customized bundles on your product page. You can also add features like one click discount, mix and match discount, volume discount and so on. It also lets you target specific countries and add custom CSS to your store.